As Communication Service Providers (CSPs) transform into Digital Service Providers, service assurance projects are taking an increasingly critical role. Yet 61% of network performance degradations are not discovered by IT/NetOps, and 42% are discovered directly by customers and employees costing organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

In this presentation Jonas Krogell, CTO at Netrounds defines what is lacking in classical service assurance platforms today, and also what the missing tool is; active assurance. In a short 20 minute presentation he outlines what CSPs and global enterprises can do in order to ensure customers are happy with their services. Ensure you can:

  • Guarantee end-to-end SLAs across NFV service chains, network slices and multi-cloud domains.
  • Enable new services at the edge demanding continuous corrective action with accurate and reliable measurements.
  • Support automated service lifecycle management with QoS awareness and business intent validation in real-time.