Real-world Traffic Generation for Automated Active Service Assurance.

Netrounds is a proven, zero-touch, active testing and monitoring platform for global enterprises, communication service providers and cloud providers.

Netrounds Test Agents actively generate authentic traffic and analyze detailed, real-time measurements across multiple applications, services and interfaces. All Test Agents are controlled and updated remotely through Netrounds' unifying Control Center in which provides a consolidated GUI for operations staff as well as a cloud API allowing external OSS and NFV orchestrators to remotely control the Test Agents. The platform can be hosted by Netrounds and offered as a SaaS solution or deployed on-premise in a private cloud. [For more information about the Netrounds Control Center, read the datasheet here.]

control center

By reading this detailed Datasheet about the Netrounds Test Agents you will learn about Netrounds' key capabilities and unique differentiators.

Download the Netrounds Test Agent Datasheet for detailed information of our solution.