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We will be showcasing Automated, Active Testing and Monitoring from Netrounds. Learn more about our demos below!

Automated Verification of Service Quality

Telecom operators, and large enterprises, strive to deliver services faster, and with assured quality. Networks are therefore becoming increasingly software-defined and programmable, so that the rate at which they change is soaring, driven by network-on-demand offerings through self-service portals. In this dynamic environment, traditional test and assurance solutions would rack up unacceptable operational costs and hobble agility and innovation. And in today’s evolving networks, innovation is key to staying competitive.

Netrounds provided out-of-the-box capabilities to actively test and monitor performance metrics for layers L1-L7, by using software-based Test Agents suited for the virtualized and dynamic landscape seen today; including support for the full service life cycle including activation testing, continuous assurance, and troubleshooting.

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2 April, 2019

Westin Times Square, New York, NY, USA