How to Deliverer World Class Service Quality and Delight SD-WAN, uCPE and Global VPN Customers ?

According to a recent survey conducted by Netrounds with 200 enterprises, 50% discover network performance degradation issues instead of their Communication Service Providers (CSPs). In addition, 90% of them only contact their CSP when they are ready to end their contracts due to service disruptions. 

The current transition to a hybrid virtual/physical networks and service chains introduce new points of failure. Traditional service assurance techniques, which collect counters and telemetry data from devices in the infrastructure, are not designed to determine whether a service is properly working from the end-user's perspective. As a result, customer-facing roles such as Service Delivery Managers, Service Account Managers and Service Operation Centers have difficulties in assessing the true customer experience. 

With Netrounds customer-facing teams gain end-to-end service quality insights to proactively enhance customer experience, resulting in lower churn.

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