Netrounds is a proven, zero-touch, active testing and monitoring platform for global enterprises, communication service providers and cloud providers.

With Netrounds:

  • Product Managers launch services faster.
  • Service Delivery managers ensure IP-VPN, SD-WAN, Cloud, Wifi, IP-TV, VoIP and 5G services have been properly activated (from their office - they no longer need to send people into the field).
  • Engineering teams conduct multi-layer, end-to-end activation testing using active traffic generation that mimics the actions of real customers.
  • Service Account Managers access activation test certificates to prove proper turn up and modifications of SD-WAN, uCPE or IP-VPN services.
  • Customers troubleshoot their service levels by themselves and pinpoint problems in their own networks or applications, instead of escalating to the service provider.
  • Operation teams are empowered with real-time measurements of network quality and customer experience, including virtual service chains in multi-cloud environments.
  • IT/OSS build the network and service quality data set required to succeed with Machine Learning initiatives.

All from one platform that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud; ultimately reducing the total TCO of service assurance initiatives.

By reading this detailed Product Overview you will learn about Netrounds' key capabilities and unique differentiators.

Download the product overview for detailed information of our solution.