As Communication Service Providers (CSPs) transform into Digital Service Providers, service assurance projects are taking an increasingly critical role. Emerging use cases require new capabilities, and true end-to-end visibility as networks become increasingly complex. With Netrounds' Automated, Active Testing and Monitoring solution, service assurance platform owners can:


  • Implement the service assurance feedback loop that an orchestration solution requires for network automation. 
  • Ensure that Service Level Agreements (SLAs), offered through self-service portals, can be delivered. 
  • Automatically test that services have been properly activated. 
  • Efficiently monitor SD-WAN and 5G network slices and gain a real-time understanding of the service levels experienced by customers. 
  • Efficiently troubleshoot service chains established over complex, multilayered, multi-domain networks composed of physical and ritualized network functions  

We will be showcasing live demos of Automated, Active Testing and Monitoring in Booth # 302

31 March - 3 April, 2020

Marriott Paris Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center

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