We have all been blind sided by the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. For most enterprises, you are most likely unprepared for the sudden need of having the majority of employees working remotely. These individuals are heavily relying on flawless access to business critical systems, collaboration tools and video conferencing systems.

Degradation of network service quality and unexpected outages have a larger impact on productivity now more than ever before. The ability to quickly identify bottlenecks, choking points and other network issues will help provide value for many organizations during these difficult times.

Therefore, we at Netrounds would like to give a helping hand. Today we are announcing that we are providing *free-of-charge access to our software technology until 31 July, 2020. This will include a kit including **Netrounds software-based Test Agents and your own dedicated account in our cloud-hosted Netrounds Control Center.

Netrounds solution is software-only and very easily installed. With Netrounds enterprises' will be able to:

  • Quickly identify poorly performing Internet connections and cloud connectivity. 
  • Empower employees with browser-based tools to troubleshoot and sectionalize where an issue is located.
  • Understand if VPN gateways have become a bottleneck meanwhile degrading the ability to work remotely. 
  • Confirm that critical business applications and video conference services are available to remote workers with the expected quality of service.
Step-by-step instructions in getting started can be find on our blog Helping Hand - getting started guide.


Fill out the form to request Netrounds solution free of charge. 

(*) Netrounds retains the right to exclude companies that might misuse its capabilities or could breach its copyrights, and reserves the right to stop this initiative at any time.

(**) Optional hardware-based Netrounds Test Agents and on-premise Netrounds Control Center offerings are available at a discounted price for the duration of this initiative.