As you race to transform into a competitive digital service provider, software and automation are key enablers to cut costs and to increase customer satisfaction. Evolving your OSS and assurance platforms is crucial to secure a successful transformation, where customers are not the first to discover network problems.
In this white paper we present a scientific and proven method to achieve a proactive, service-centric operations model with your customers in focus. Our proposed method is straightforward and effortless and provides immediate empirical evidence, but will likely require that you change your frame of reference when looking at OSS and assurance systems. 
After reading this white paper you will understand:
  • Why it is important to look at service assurance from a new perspective.
  • The value of a service-centric assurance model compared to a device-centric model.
  • The most severe limitations that afflict old assurance solutions which collect data from devices and VNFs.
  • How to debunk common myths related to active assurance.
  • Which roles AI and ML play in the service assurance area.
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helio WP active agents vs passive probes

Image: Netrounds active test agents for service quality vs. passive probing and infrastructure health.